Coffee machine

I Love it probably to much

First things first! I start just about everyday with coffee. So it only feels right to start this about me page sharing my admitting weird love for the stuff!

Living my dream

I was born in New Orleans Louisiana.  I am one of those people that will always profess the love of their city! Then I ended up in Nashville Tennessee where I met my wife and had our first born. After 8 years I ended up back in New Orleans and had my second son. In August 2017 I started to live my dream, working the internet lifestyle & living abroad in the beautiful country of Costa Rica!

Where I live
What I do for a living

What I do online

I currently design website for individuals and small businesses, Copywriting, Local SEO and Online Consulting for small businesses wanting to increase there conversions and online presence. I share my experiences here on the blog to help others who have websites and businesses online continue to grow.

What I want to accomplish

I simply want to help as many solo entrepreneurs and small business reach their online goals. I plan to accomplish this by showing strategies that are 1) Time Effective 2) Increase your Conversions and reduce the confusion from all these "strategies" that are presented online. Your success is my success! Take the First Step and join the movement #Terrified A Loving It.